• Rhythmic Treatment

    • Improvisation and rhythmic games for children from 3-5 years old
    • Preparatory courses of dance for children 6-8 years old.


    Anthi Ioannidou
    Niki Paouri


  • Classical ballet

    ‘If we could say it, there would be no need do dance for it’ Roger Garaudy

    • Beginners Courses
    • Courses for students 8-10 years old and from 12 years old and above.



    1st class dancer of National Opera


  • Modern Dance

    ‘ Teach your students to see and absorb with their eyes open the variety of events of everyday life. It gives you a lot and says a lot more than one person can understand on the first run. Teach them to think from all the points of view. The correlations regarding Dance are not made for narrow-minded limitations. They require a spiritual stretch out on the same measure by which the dancing gesture kataneinei to distant space. Teach your students to work focused and tireless. Make them be Strengthened for the struggle to be hard on themselves. Τhe dancing profession is relentlessly demanding and the young dancer has no time to lose .
    Mary Wigman 1886-1973 (Letter to a dance teacher)


    Catherine Andriopoulou

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The participation of all the courses in the performances is an integral part of the education of our students. Parents have the opportunity to attend presentation on the development and progress of their children through the ‘open courses’ taking place in classrooms at regular intervals throughout the school year. In addition to all the already mentioned information, our Schools arrange training visits philanthropic events and recreational activities for students and parents.